Valid Press

Valid Press is based in New Zealand. Its primary goal is to self-publish the works of new writers in book form. At present there are six volumes in print.

Valid Press Publishing

Valid Press operates using a Duplex Laser Printer coupled to an ordinary PC.

Pages of a book are set up using Microsoft Word and a publishing programme then converts the Word programme to a Print Programme. Pages are printed side by side on A4 landscape. The printer automatically collates the run. Two copies of the 300 page novel Achilles, containing embedded maps and introduction pages, frontispiece, ISBN and other details were printed, (A5 side by side) simultaneously and consecutively in under twenty minutes using a simple duplex printer. First print run was 308 books.

The three hundred side by side pages were then guillotined and bound with a cover which was printed by another means (in this case a Commercial Printer).

This is a high quality black and white laser process.

Colour sheets from an ink jet can be collated by hand into the finished print run.